Emerald Tablets 4:32 - 36; Out of body - experience

4:32. He who would follow the pathway of wisdom, open must be he to the flower of life, extending his consciousness out of the darkness, flowing through time and space in the ALL.

4:33. Deep in the silence, first ye must linger until at last ye are free from desire, free from the longing to speak in the silence.

4:34. Conquer by silence, the bondage of words. Abstaining from eating until we have conquered desire for food, that is bondage of soul.

4:35. Then lie ye down in the darkness. Close ye your eyes from the rays of the Light. Centre thy soul-force in the place of thine consciousness, shaking it free from the bonds of the night.

4:36. Place in thy mind-place the image thou desireth. Picture the place thou desireth to see. Vibrate back and forth with thy power. Loosen the soul from out of its night. Fiercely must thou shake with all of thy power until at last thy soul shall be free.

Emerald Tablets 4:40 - 41; The prayer for wisdom and coming of light

4:40. Pray ye this prayer for attaining of wisdom. Pray for the coming of Light to the ALL.

4:41. Mighty SPIRIT of LIGHT that shines through the Cosmos, draw my flame closer in harmony to thee. Lift up my fire from out of the darkness, magnet of fire that is One with the ALL. Lift up my soul, thou mighty and potent. Child of the Light, turn not away. Draw me in power to melt in thy furnace; One with all things and all things in One, fire of the life-strain and One with the Brain.

Emerald Tablets 6:27 - 39; Protection against darkness

6:27. Now I give unto thee the knowledge, known to the MASTERS, the knowing that conquers all the dark fears. Use this, the wisdom I give thee. MASTER thou shalt be of THE BROTHERS OF NIGHT.

6:28. When unto thee comes a feeling, drawing thee nearer to the darker gate, examine thine heart and find if the feeling thou hast has come from within. If thou shalt find the darkness thine own thoughts, banish them forth from the place in thy mind.

6:29. Send through thy body a wave of vibration, irregular first and regular second, repeating time after time until free. Start the WAVE FORCE in thy BRAIN CENTER. Direct it in waves from thine head to thy foot.

6:30. But if thou findest thine heart is not darkened, be sure that a force is directed to thee. Only by knowing can thou overcome it. Only be wisdom can thou hope to be free. Knowledge brings wisdom and wisdom is power. Attain and ye shall have power o'er all.

6:31. Seek ye first a place bound by darkness. Place ye a circle around about thee. Stand erect in the midst of the circle. Use thou this formula, and you shalt be free. Raise thou thine hands to the dark space above thee. Close thou thine eyes and draw in the LIGHT.

6:32. Call to the SPIRIT OF LIGHT through the Space-Time, using these words and thou shalt be free: Fill thou my body, O SPIRIT OF LIFE, fill thou my body with SPIRIT OF LIGHT. Come from the FLOWER that shines through the darkness. Come from the HALLS where the Seven Lords rule.

6:33. Name them by name, I, the Seven: THREE, FOUR, FIVE, and SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT--Nine.

6:34. By their names I call them to aid me, free me and save me from the darkness of night: UNTANAS, QUERTAS, CHIETAL, and GOYANA, HUERTAL, SEMVETA--ARDAL. By their names I implore thee, free me from darkness and fill me with LIGHT.

6:35. Know ye, O man, that when ye have done this, ye shall be free from the fetters that bind ye, cast off the bondage of the brothers of night.

6:36. See ye not that the names have the power to free by vibration the fetters that bind? Use them at need to free thou thine brother so that he, too, may come forth from the night.

6:37. Thou, O man, art thy brother's helper. Let him not lie in the bondage of night.

6:38. Now unto thee, give I my magic. Take it and dwell on the pathway of LIGHT.

6:39. LIGHT unto thee, LIFE unto thee, SUN may thou be on the cycle above.