Forget not, O man, with all of thy seeking that Light is the goal ye shall seek to attain. Search ye for the Light on thy pathway and ever for thee the goal shall endure.

Emerald Tablets 10:15

Hear ye and listen, O my children. Magic is knowledge and only is Law. Be not afraid of the power within thee for it follows Law as the stars in the sky.

Emerald Tablets 10:33

On Earth, man is in bondage, bound by space and time to the earth plane. Encircling each planet, a wave of vibration, binds him to his plane of unfoldment. Yet within man is the Key to releasement, within man may freedom be found.

Emerald Tablets 15:13

Mysteries there are in the Cosmos that unveiled fill the world with their light. Let he who would be free from the bonds of darkness first divine the material from the immaterial, the fire from the earth; for know ye that as earth descends to earth, so also fire ascends unto fire and becomes one with fire. He who knows the fire that is within himself shall ascend unto the eternal fire and dwell in it eternally.

Emerald Tablets 3:14

Emerald Tablets vidner om og om igjen om viktigheten av å fokusere innover i meditasjon. Lytte. Det er der mysteriene ligger.